On ESP32 development - check your documentation

I started working on a project that involves an ESP32. I’m using the Arduino platform to develop on the ESP32. This is a platform I have some familiarity with. When I went to use the EEPROM to save some information, I just could not make it work. The information did not seem to register to the EEPROM and/or read back from the EEPROM. The reason is because the EEPROM needs to be initialized when using an ESP32 board and not on Arduinos.

Backup your code

Have you ever heard about the saying Not your server, not your data or Cloud is someone else’s computer? These sayings are there to remind everyone of the risks that can happen when you trust a service with all of your data. What happens if you put all of your family photos on Google Photos and your account is closed one day with a cryptic reason and you have no recourse?

Setup mypy for fun and profit

Have you ever written Python code and had to dig deep into callstacks to understand what the return type of a function is? I know I did and unfortunately, it makes me slower overall because I always have to dig through the callstack to understand what I’m dealing with. This also makes the code sensibly more complex given the number of additional checks that need to be implemented to assert a returned value is of an expected type.

Brew your own mead

What is mead? Mead is a fermented alcohol made of honey, water and yeast. It’s a fermented alcohol (like beer) compared to distilled alcohol (like whiskey). It can either be still or sparkly and can contain either aromas or stay natural. Mead is one of the oldest alcohol ever made and was drunk in the northern countries during the Middle Ages. How do you brew mead? Brewing mead is quite simple.